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In today’s automation environment providing fast, reliable and above all efficient cost effective systems is paramount to success. From initial packaging lines where speed is crucial to manufacturing processes where complex, integrated operations are put in place having the skills and no-how is vital.

At More Control our focus is on providing you with an array of technical support and skills to ensure your systems match the high demands of modern industry whilst also providing innovative solutions.

Using state of the art automation systems and fast industrial communications, More Control can provide you with a highly versatile system incorporating, vision, motion control and robotics into a singular system.

We believe in providing, a hands on approach to integrate your automation systems to help provide flexible solutions in motion control, monitoring and operational usage. To acquire accuracy in production line monitoring and to maximise machine efficiency, increasing your machinery output.

For more information on how More Control can help develop your machines contact us on 0345 00 00 400 or email at:

Experts in motion control and automation solutions, we offer a variety of solutions to each project taking in time, budget requirements, environmental conditions and functionalities to ensure the best match application is installed.

Key Areas of Application Business

  • Bakery & biscuits
  • Beverages (alcoholic, non-alcoholic, dairy, oil & CSD)
  • Confectionary
  • Cosmetics & healthcare
  • Dry food & snacks
  • Fresh food
  • Liquid & canned food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ready meals

Having a wide skill base in finding best-fit solutions and availability to cutting edge technologies ensure we can provide an ideal solution for whatever the application.

Working with the latest in Robotic Pick & Pack systems, we are able to provide a total OEM solution right from design to final installation. Whether you are looking for simple applications or complex multi axis integrated robotics, our applications ensure you get the most out of your machinery.

Omron F3SG-R Safety Light Curtain

Omron F3SG-R Light CurtainThe new Omron F3SG-R safety light curtain family has been redesigned with special features and smart designs which help users select, install and maintain the ideal light curtain with a minimum of time and effort.

The new Omron F3SG-R range combine torsion-resistant construction to guarantee easy alignment with a novel troubleshooting function based on QR codes.

If you have a safety application in mind or would like more information about the F3SG-R light curtain, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400 or email:

The F3SG-R safety light curtain family is available in two versions, the easy F3SG-RE for simple on/off detection applications and the advanced F3SG-RA for more versatile safety solutions. All versions are available with:

  • Torsion-resistant body for easy alignment
  • QR code for easy troubleshooting
  • Smartclick® cable connection for fast set-up
  • IP67 protection for reliability in wash-down environments

Additional key features

  • Advanced version with versatile muting – ideal for flexible manufacturing
  • Easy version for simple ON/OFF detection
  • 100m of cable – for flexible wiring and fast set-up
  • Up to 20m sensing distance – for straightforward integration
  • Optical synchronisation for easy alignment
  • IP67 protection for reliability in dusty wash-down environments

Torsion-resistant for easy alignment

The highly rigid construction eliminates the problems of top-tobottom twisting.This enables you to set up the curtain more easily and faster. It also prevents incremental optical axis misalignment due to vibration over time.

QR code for easy troubleshooting

If something is wrong, simply scan the reported QR code with your smart phone and go directly to the troubleshooting webpage. Supported in eight languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Smartclick® cable connection for fast set-up

No torque-control required: the Smartclick connectors connect cables with just a 1/8th turn of the M12 waterproof connector. This connection reduces the time you need for wiring many devices together.

ADAM-6066-CE Advantech 6-Channel Digital Input

ADAM-6066-CEThe ADAM-6000 series from Advantech accomplishes the integration of automation and enterprise systems through internet technology. With an open network architecture with a seamless integration of various levels can be created. The ADAM-6066 modules are quickly becoming a valuable investment for industries as they provide an open and widespread communication interface.

With additional I/O and graphic condition logic equipped modules provides even more control functionality. Users can determine the rules of logic control using a graphical configuration environment and download it to any ADAM-6000 I/O modules.

For each Ethernet I/O modules 16 rules can be defined. In the freely available utility ADAM.NET show four icons of the 4 stages of a rule: input, control, execution and output.

As an Advantech technical partner, More Control is able to provide you with a range of innvoative system solutions

For more information about the ADAM-6066 contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400 or email at:

The ADAM-6066-CE has 6 digital output channels designed for 240VAC, 5A rating and support both dry contact and pulse output.

The ADAM-6066 has an embedded web server for remote monitoring, supporting Modbus/TCP and UDP protocols meeting standard communication requirements and offers personalised settings for improved flexibility.

ADAM-6000 modules are empowered by peer-to-peer (P2P) and Graphic Condition Logic (GCL), and can perform as standalone products for measurement, control and automation. Instead of having additional controllers or programming, system configurations can be done in an extremely short time with the easy-to-use and intuitive graphic utility.

For price and availability on the Advantech ADAM-6066-CE visit our dedicated webshop

Main Features:

  • 6-ch DI, 6-ch RL, Ethernet-based smart I/O
  • Remote monitoring and control with mobile devices
  • Group configuration capability for multiple module setup
  • Flexible user-defined Modbus address
  • Intelligent control ability by Peer-to-Peer and GCL function
  • Active I/O message by data stream or event trigger function
  • Multiple protocol support: Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP
  • Web language support: XML, HTML 5, Java Script


Group Configuration Capability for Multiple Module Setup
To aid configuration and save time, engineers can configure and upgrade the firmware of multiple ADAM-6000s simultaneously.


Remote Monitoring and Control with Smart Phone
With support for HTML5, the ADAM-6000 can be monitored and controlled from any browser on mobile devices whilst in the field and when the engineer is connected to their network.

Advanced Security and High Reliability

ADAM-6000 Ethernet I/O modules have fast response time, and advanced security and reliability. When communication is broken, the digital output module can generate pre- defined values to ensure safety

E2Q6 Rectangular Proximity Sensor

Omron E2Q6 SensorThe Omron E2Q6 series proximity sensor presents a new type of rectangular inductive sensor with long sensing distance and an innovative modified connected terminal for free wire connection.

Ideal for material handling and logistic system where longer detection distance is required.

The new terminal provide higher wear resistance, very good protection against corrosion and highly robust. The shape of the Omron E2Q6 is made in the format of a standard limit switch and can be used for similar application as an alternative non-contact solution.

For more information download the Product Datasheet.

Main Feature & Benefits

  • Five changeable sensing directions: front, up, down, left, and right
  • Four indicators show the operating status of the sensor from many directions
  • Greater wear-resistance and good protection against corrosion
  • The shape of E2Q6 is the same as a standard limit switch, so it can be used in similar applications as an alternative non-contact solution.

For more information about the Omron E2Q6 rectangular proximity sensor contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

Omron Delta Robot Series

Omron Delta Robot SeriesOmron’s integrated Sysmac robotics solution offers the capability to integrate machine control, motion, remote I/O, HMI, safety, vision and robotics all in one controller.

The Omron Sysmac NJ machine automation controller provides the core of this system architecture and based on the high speed EtherCAT network provides optimal motion performance for demanding pick and place applications.

Up to eight Delta Robots can be controlled by one Sysmac NJ controller.

Omron’s new Delta solution allows you to build very efficient throughput machines which can handle up to 200 picking operation a minute per robot. The delta robot uses Omron’s G5 servo motors to reduce settling time, thanks in part to the high frequency response of these high-end servos.

Sysmac Delta robot-centered solutions allow operators to increase production capabilities to new levels by building higher through-put machines that can handle more than 100 picking operations per minute. There are currently four robot sizes available: Standard Delta, Extended Reach Delta, Washdown Delta and Mini Delta robot.

The Sysmac Delta Robot Series operates on a Sysmac-NJ Controller – Omron’s all-in-one platform that integrates robotic, motion and sequential logic control into a single multitasking controller. Utilizing the EtherCAT motion network, the NJ controller delivers maximum speed, accuracy and predictability. Other key features of the Sysmac Delta Robot Series include:

  • Control of up to 8 robots by one NJ controller
  • Number of axes: 3 + 1 optional rotational axis
  • Up to 200 cycles per minute
  • Reach range: from 450 (Mini) to 1300 mm (Extended Reach, Washdown)
  • Payload range: 1 to 3 kg
  • IP class range: IP65, IP67 hygienic design
  • EtherCAT & EtherNet/IP Connectivity standard in NJ Controller
  • Control each axis with G5 Series Servo Drives to complete the system

For more information about the Omron Delta Robot Series and Sysmac controllers, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

Automation Robotics Safety Systems

With more and more manufacturing plants becoming robotically controlled, ensuring both operator and machinery safety is paramount.

As highlighted in the recent tragic event at the Volkswagen Plant whereby a man was crushed by robot on the production line, this has highlighted the need to ensure all necessary steps are in place to provide a safe solution.

In all industrial robotic systems there are numerous safe guards in place to prevent such mishaps with the aim to cover all eventualities. Most common forms of industrial accidents occur due to shortcuts in operator practices whereby a manual override of the safety system can lead to tragic consequences. To ensure that these events do not occur, most systems will have backup safety systems in place, so even with a manual override the system will still be safe.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your safety systems to ensure you meet compliance standards or are looking at ways of expanding your existing system, at More Control we have the right solution for you.

More Control working with OEMs is able to provide a complete turnkey solution in robotics to provide a safe, efficient solution tailored to your needs.

Robotics Safety Solutions

  • Design & Build – From initial design of machines to installation
  • Safety Auditing – Onsite inspection of all machinery processes with review/recommendations to future proof your plant
  • Safety Products including Relays, Sensors / Light Curtains & Scanners / Door interlocks and complete safe machine safety solutions
  • Software Solutions – Designed in software and programming rules for robotics setup to cover all eventualities
  • Maintenance & Breakdown – Our engineers provide ongoing support on machines to reduce downtime.

Right from the outset when designing in a new robotics system or any other machinery, safety is a crucial element.

For more information about how to ensure your machines comply with the latest safety standards or if your looking at developing an application, contact More Control on +44(0) 345 00 00 400 or email us at

NX Series Platform

5 things to never forget

  • Choice in performance: standard, high-speed synchronous or time-stamped I/O's
  • Safety controller and Safety I/O's can be mixed with standard I/O
  • EtherCAT for real-time motion, EtherNet/IP for general-purpose control
  • Up to 16 digital I/O's in just 12 mm width
  • Save up to 50% installation time with screwless push-in terminals

Features and benefits

  • Scalable performance
  • The NX I/O system offers a wide variety of I/O units. Its ultra-fast internal bus system is synchronized with the Distributed Clock of the EtherCAT network. The resulting system-wide deterministic I/O operation allows machine builders to improve machine production rates and output quality. An EtherNet/IP bus coupler is available for non-synchronous use, e.g. with CJ-series PLC's.
  • Open network interfaces: EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP
  • Scalable safety control, fully integrated
  • Mix standard and high-performance I/O's
Omron NJ1 & NX7 Machine Controllers

In the global manufacturing environment, diverse and complex challenges arise and need to be overcome. Omron industrial automation makes efficient, flexible and cost effective manufacturing possible.

The Sysmac automation platform integrates logic, motion, safety, robotics, vision into one system. The Omron machine controller comes standard with built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP. The two network connections ensure a perfect match between fast real time machine control and data plant management.

The Omron Machine Controller is designed to meet extreme machine control requirements in terms of motion control, speed and accuracy, communication, security and robust system.

Omron Sysmac Controllers

Main Features

  • Fastest system cycle: 125µs
  • Up To 256 synchronized axes
  • Synchronized control of all machine network devices
  • Multi-tasking programs
  • In-line ST, Structure Text and Ladder mixed in the same program
  • Full control of Axes Group Position
  • System Backup and Restore
  • Built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP ports
  • CE and cULus global standards

NX7 Machine Controller

The new Omron NX7 machine controller offers great speed without compromising reliability. The NX7 provides one of the industries fastest processing speeds thanks to the Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and large memory capacity. Focusing on the future of sophisticated production sites using IoT, Omron have developed this integrated controller to provide users with scalability beyond the framework of previous controllers.

NJ101 Entry Level Sysmac Controller

The scalability of Sysmac is complements by the new Omron NJ101 controller. The most basic machine controller, configured with the same integrated development environments as the other Sysmac controllers, support applications with either 0 or 2 axes of high performance motion.

Sysmac offers machine builders to innovate their manufacturing environment. Logic, motion, vision and safety from a single project. The Omron NJ101 offers users with an introductory look into the capabilities of sysmac solutions.

For more information about the Omron Sysmac machine controllers, contact More Control on +44 (0) 345 00 00 400.

Omron CJ2M Modular PLC

Omron CJ2M CPUOmron CJ2M PLC series ideal for packaging and machine automation needs.

The Omron CJ2M is an extremely reliable PLC and a major opportunity to reduce costs while continually improve its functionality. The ideal choice for machine builders, moving from other Omron PLCS to the CJ2 series offers no learning curves, no re-tooling or unnecessary programming.

Connectivity is assured thanks to the built-in USB port and the choice of Ethernet and RS-232C/422/485 interfaces on the CPU.

Main Features:

  • Always accessible through standard USB port
  • Standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function
  • Wide range of program capacities from 5K steps to 60K steps
  • Serial option board
  • Dedicated function block memory ensures efficient execution of function block software modules

Download the Omron CJ2M user manual here

CJ2M for basic machine automation

Modern machine manufacturers need to continuously increase the intelligence and flexibility of their products to retain competitive. With the Omron CJ2M ensures that everything works perfectly, first time and every time.

The CJ2 series of modular controllers offers greater performance and faster I/O response as well as extreme scalability. Programming, debugging and networking has become faster and much easier.

The CJ2 series has a data communication via standard Ethernet Port with EtherNet/IP data link functions

Standard USB and Ethernet ports provide instant access for programming, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting.

With a wide range of CPUs with a consistent architecture means once you’ve learnt one device you know them all. With up to 100 I/O units the CJ2 series allows you to adapt to whatever application suits your needs.

For more information about the Omron CJ2M series of PLC, contact More Control on Tel: +44 (0) 345 00 00 400.

Murr Elektroniks for Food & Beverage Industry

Murr Elektroniks for Food & Beverage Industry

With the extremely high requirements of the food and beverage industry means only the finest products in terms of seals and resistance are acceptable. To handle this Murr Elektronik has a range of IP69K protected products and ECOLAB certifications for some of the most demanding industrial environments.

With a range of industry specific products, high performance and maximum machine availability, Murr Elektronik sets themselves apart as an ideal choice for inter connected technologies.

Food Contact Zone

For versatile processes in the food and beverage industry Murr use a range of stainless steel IP69K protection products. Food grade quality and resistant to acids and alkaline solutions and resistant to H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide)

Application examples:

Cutters, meat grinders, FFS machines, dairy and cheese technology, baking lines, weighing and dosing systems, mills for grains and cereals, oil presses, sprayers, coaters and roasters

Wet Zone

For wet zone applications Murr products are suitable for CIP cleaning processes. Murr wet zone applications enable crate and bottle washers, blow molders, rinsers, blenders, bottlers and fillers, cappers, inspectors, pasteurizers, labellers

Dry Zone

For dry zone applications Murr products are easy to install, modular in design and quick and problem free to setup. Typical application uses include carton erector machines, packers, unpackers, shrink tunnels, conveyors, separators, charging stations, pickers and placers, strapping machines, rewinders, palletizers, depalletizers… and more.

Control Cabinet

In addition to the cables/connectors and inter connected products, Murr also provide an extensive range of solution oriented customised control cabinets. Designed to meet your application needs.

Other Murr Elektronik products:

Switch mode power supplies, terminal relays, relay modules, base sockets, plug relays, converters, motor protection relays, timers, comparators, switches, potentiometers, diodes, assembly modules, LED indicators… and more.

For more information about Murr Elektronik products and product for the food & beverage industries contact More Control on +44(0) 345 00 00 400.

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