Detection Applications

Detection Applications

Detection Automation Application As more and more products increasingly become safety critical, total product traceability is a paramount requirement on many manufacturing systems.

Having accurate reading & detection automation applications not only save considerable amounts of time, effort and money, but they provide and ensure quality controls on productions lines. Precision readers can identify and detect large amounts of data in a contained space to accept or reject product lines based on user requirements.

If you have a reader & detection automation application that you would like to have designed or developed, feel free to contact us and one of our technical engineers can provide the ideal automation solution to suit your business needs.


More Control Readers & Detection Automation Applications

2D Code Reading

      More Control have designed and developed a range of high specification 2D Code readers and automation applications to match any product tracking requirement. The use of 2D codes allows product packaging to display large amounts of data in a small contained space.


Fallen Bottle Detection

      More Control designed and built a control panel to detect a fallen bottle and provide a means to eject the bottle from the line via a pneumatic solution.


Product Detection Sensor

      Customer required a reliable product detection sensor to detect a tube in a carton irrespective of colour.


Carton Detection Sensor Application

      The customer had a requirement to detect an array of nine cartons priors to shrink wrapping.


OCR & 2D Code Checking on Pharmaceutical Packaging

      The customer required a vision system to check that the correct characters & 2D code had been applied to a pharmaceutical carton.

Utilising the Omron FZ Camera system, More Control fitted their production line to detect each product as it passed the Camera.


2D Code Reading & Vial Cap Colour Check

      More Control was asked to confirm the 2D Codes on the leaflet and carton on products as they passed through the production line and to also check the vial cap colour on each product.


Barcode Reader

      As an industry based on precision, manufacturers working with barcode readers require complete accuracy for detecting and confirming labels on packaging. To deal with quality control, More Control have designed and developed an innovative barcode confirmation application to ensure correct identification of labels and barcodes on packaging.


Pharmacode Reader

      To ensure quality control standards within the pharmaceutical industry, companies use a standard barcode known as a Pharmacode as a packing control system. More Control was asked to design and adapt an existing Pharmacode system to enable the use of different coloured packaging to be scanned via a Pharmacode Reader.


Fibre Amplifier Application

             A customer needed to detect the prescence of a black plastic bottle.

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