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More Control SCADA & Information"Information is to business what oxygen is to life. Without it we wither and die"

More Control understands the importance of presenting exact manufacturing and machinery information in the correct format.

From remote located field data to long distance communications and short direct communication networks, More Control can implement a dedicated SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to suit your company.

SCADA can be utilised to monitor and control machine equipment or even an entire plant. SCADA control can either by automatic or initiated by an operators commands.

Whether you require complete status information on a machine or total management information throughout a factory, More Control has the automation products and solutions to meet your needs.


Benefits of SCADA & Information

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Provide immediate knowledge of system performance
  • Improve system efficiency and performance
  • Increase equipment life
  • Reduce costly repairs
  • Reduce labour costs required for troubleshooting or service
  • Automated report generating


More Control SCADA Solutions

More Control SCADA & Information Whatever the machinery or production line needs, More Control can find the most practical and ideal SCADA solution.

Automation solutions may require a single indictor, a HMI (human machine interface) or even a complete supervisory control and data acquisition with statistical process controls.

From SCADA parts & components to an extensive range of solutions from leading automation manufacturers, More Control covers the following key areas of information:


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